Here's some shots of the G5RV and trap dipole antennas in situ. The trap is of the W8NX Al Buxton design, featured in QST and can be found on line. The trap is tuned for 80,40,17 and 10 meters. It loads beautifully on 40 and 17. Both antennas achieve strong signal reports ENE into Europe and European/Asiatic Russia. The G5RV has been the workhorse, putting me at 85 countries todate in just over a year of operation. To the WSW, Pitcairn and Solomon islands are QSL'd so far, with several contacts in Japan.

The distances traveled by these DX signals never cease to amaze me, certainly one of the magic aspects of Amateur Radio. I use the golf ball method to elevate my dipoles up into the tree tops. Golf ball method? I put an eyelet in a golf ball, tie monofiliment line to it and slam it high over the tree with a tennis racket. The monofiliment pays out of an old fishing reel on a tripod. Then I pull a heavier Dacron line up with a pulley attached to the end. In the pulley is the support line for the antenna - so once the pulley is at maximum height, BOTH ends of the guy lines need to be in your hands. Then connect the antenna and pull it aloft.

Good luck with your antenna farm and good DX!