Famous Scull & Heap map in London Gentleman's Magazine August 1753

Several revisions, this one said to be around 1760.

As it relates to the Tun Tavern story, note the Humphreys property just northwest of the Colony at Schuylkill. Humphreys senior ran a saw mill (a sawyer)early in the century. As ship building volume increased with trade he moved into Philadelphia setting up a Home Depot style lumber supply serving home builders like Nixon and shipwrights like Penrose,Dennis and Charles West. Humphreys Sr's son Joshua Humphreys finished his apprenticeship in time to supply the first retrofits for the Marine Committee of the 2d Continental Congress. Many of these original roads,Gulf Road, Lancaster Pike and Haverford Rd. still exist.Some homes indicated on this map also still exist either in ruin protected by the Historic Landmark laws, or restored privately as residences.