UPDATE: May 2017-The House buckles. The American People lose. Americans have possibly one remaining friend in the U.S. Government, the U.S. Senate, as the drastically altered original Affordable Care Act moves into the Senate. Americans most needing the Affordable Care Act, the elderly, the poor and hard working low income-even middle income folks with 2 and 3 jobs,those now sick and under ACA care [millions are under the ACA] will suffer severely from the arrogant disconnect displayed by many members of the U.S. House of Representatives. Some good men and women like Meehan and Costello from Pennsylvania were among those taking a courageous stand against the insulting concoction. Did you know that only 30% to 40% of Americans even bother to vote? The French showed us a near70% turn-out Sunday! We'll now need a few good men and women in the Senate to take the helm of this great ship Democracy and steer it clear of troubled waters for the next four years-starting with a responsible revision of the Affordable Care Act in its present form. It's up to you now Senators. You're all we've got left.

Joni Mitchell's timeless Woodstock guiding Americans today back to the garden.

Many thanks to You Tube and archivist for allowing this embed to remain for the duration of the Affordable Care Act debate.