John Adams

Open letter to Pennsylvania Senators and colleagues re the AHCA vote after July 4th.


Beach time in early Spring at Long Beach Island, NJ

December 2015 -Wavemaker Podcast's Michael Shulder interviews Emma Sky. author of "The Unraveling : High Hopes and Missed Opportunities in Iraq".
May 2017 -Affordable Care Act The House Wins. Americans Loose. On to the U.S.Senate Your Senator "needs to hear from you ASAP".
July 2016 -New Music Tracks The first of several tracks, starting with"Foggy Dew" is up in the music section. Several brief experimental sketches from blues to folk, even some jazz sketches will appear.
The 2018 Mid Term elections are next. Are you ready to step up to the voting booth and select honest representatives of the people. This is no time for silence. Its up to you. Democracy dies in darkness.


Trunk full of history
Experiments in video,graphics, photo etc.
Bike projects
Some test writing projects, formats etc.
Amateur Radio Statioin
The Marine Corps I knew 1963-1967
Finished and almost finished stuff
Chinese pictograph Tao 'The Way' All that we do.

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